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Welcome to the New Jersey Mediation Group LLC
We provide business, family, and divorce dispute resolution through mediation
Mediation will allow you to reach a fair and reasonable agreement
New Jersey Mediation Group LLC will save you time and money while being confidential and supportive of your relationships
We can provide neutral experts and other professionals to help you through your dispute

Free Consultation

We offer a free half-hour consultation for divorcing couples. During this time we will provide:

Information about the mediation process
An opportunity to ask questions
Time for you to assess the mediator
The mediator with the opportunity to assess whether you are ready for mediation

News and Announcements

Divorce Mediation Videos

Watch Carl Cangelosi in one of four divorce videos he produced for the New Jersey Association of Professional Mediators. The video is set in his Plainsboro office.

Click here to view.

CD-R Presentation

We have produced a presentation titled The All About Series that is contained on a CD-R that can be viewed on your computer.

The series contains more than 100 slides and 90 minutes of narration covering in detail Mediation, Shared Parenting, Child Support, Alimony, and Equitable Distribution. This series is a must have if you are facing a New Jersey divorce.

A client says:

You told us that information is power. Your CD gave me the information that I needed to feel confident that I could use mediation to get divorced. Thank you.

William Donahue, a prominent New Jersey mediator says:

[Your CD-R presentations] are fantastic both in content and style. They are educational and fun to watch. You've made an important contribution to what [mediators] are all trying to do.

The complete series is $15.00, including shipping and handling. Please use the Contact NJMG button for ordering the series.

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